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This Position has been Filled – Thank You!

Hello, and thank you for your interest in joining our team! We are looking for a happy, motivated and professional person that is interested in reliable and lengthy employment. The Olympia Seafood Company is our beautiful capitol city’s retail seafood market, family owned and operated for 16+ years and located in downtown Olympia. We are a place of warm hospitality, outstanding quality and environmental integrity. We are looking for a person that thrives in a service culture, delivering outstanding customer service experiences that are kind, .

Week of 4/22

April/2012 Hello Everyone!   Did you know? It’s Earth Day on Sunday! Of course we like to consider ourselves some of the many Olympians who spend a bit of every average o’le day contemplating and taking action in a earth-healthy sort of style, but when confronted with an actual *day* on the calendar I like to fall in with the green team and place special focus on our awesome planet. There must be a million ways to go green, in every color, shape and size, but for us that usually means food. (Of course!) The .

Week of 3/21/12: first of the season halibut + shucked oysters on special

Hello Everyone!   We had a small crisis in our household on Saturday when the leprechauns failed to show up in the shoebox house that our daughter had built for them.  Sailor had them baited Well decorated Leprechaun trap for next year’s attempt.  Considering a ‘do not swim into net!’ sign to decorate the fishing boat… with a selection of gold colored toys and miniature furniture, but they somehow slipped away.  Undefeated, she’s decided that next year we simply need more decorations.  And if we&#.

Shrimpy Information + Store Updates + Stuffed Shrimp

Hello Everyone! I have to admit that we usually have turkey for Thanksgiving.  Actually, we always have turkey for Thanksgiving.  I have yet to be the one to prepare the all-important meal, (thanks Mom!), but I suppose if I did I’d serve turkey.  There is something big to be said for holiday ritual; for the safe-keeping of the traditions of our families.  So, turkey it is.  However, never let it be said that we don’t have the. most. amazing. seafood appetizers on the planet!  And between you and me, I usually fill up on the.

Early October… halibut and fish & chips!

Hello everyone – happy rOcktober! I need some comfort food.  I could tell you a long pitiful tale about taking my daughter to the dentist for a filling and the ensuing high drama, but suffice it to say that I mean business about the ‘comfort’ part.  There was wailing involved.  I’m thinking fish and chips.  And not the half-assed baked “light” fish and chips, but the full monty.  Deep fried.  And while we’re at it, I want to pass on the cod, too – cod is lovely, but I’m in the mood fo.

9/21/11 Fish Shop Info!

Hello Everyone – happy autumnal equinox!        The official day for 2011 is Friday, but I think we can all feel that Fall is in the air and it’s definitely harvest season.  This time of the year always feels so abundant with the salmon in their full swing river return and the plethora of veggies and fruits being harvested from local gardens.  Our daughter Sailor, (after agonizing for a good 10 days), has finally decided on a Halloween costume and the neighborhood squirrels are busy running back and forth with things for .

It’s Back to School + Ono/Wahoo

  Hello Everyone! Exciting day around here – first day of school at Pioneer Elementary for our daughter, Sailor! Please Note: extremely stylish backpack and line of sparkles down pants (of course) And to top it all off, such perfectly glorious September weather.  Hopefully it won’t be *too* hard for the kids to stay in their seats when the sunny playground is so enticing.    All this nice weather is creating a bumper crop of tomatoes around our house this year, and a fluffy patch of basil that we finally decided to .

11 years of fishy business…

Hello Everyone!   It’s another fun week around here – Harbor Days is this weekend! Now that the remodeled boardwalk has officially opened, the party has moved from directly in front of our shop to a bit further up the street. This is perfect because we still get to be close to the fun but there is actually a glimmer of hope for customer parking. Yay! We’ll do our best to encourage the event crowd to leave a spot or two in front of the door.   The last week before school starts?? Say it isn’t so! Our girl is go.

The Superb Sockeye Salmon!

Hello Everyone! I hope you’re having a great week.  Around our house we’re getting ready for both the end of Sailor’s 2nd grade school year and Tony’s 20th high school reunion.  Both seem to involve a substantial party… and I’m not willing to bet on which one will be the least likely to involve the cops.  Could go either way!  What we know for sure is that there will be lots of fun and good seafood.  This week we’re featuring sockeye salmon, which is the star of the show in our new favorite take-t.

Be a responsible seafood consumer! Visit www.seafoodwatch.org for tips and guidelines. At Olympia Seafood we strive to offer environmentally responsible and healthy fish and shellfish. Please feel free to ask us in person, contact us, or call us at 360-570-8816 about any individual item.